Windows 10 – The Latest Technology

Windows 10 – The Latest Technology

Windows 10 was possibly one of the most awaited Windows update Microsoft has released in a long time. Although the update just released, over 14 million users are said to have already installed it. This was within just 24 hours of the launch. Like all new updates, the latest technology of Windows too has a few bugs that might need some immediate attention. Many tech-geeks have spoken positive things about Windows 10 through their technology blog. It looks like the update hit the target with its launch, but if Microsoft wants Windows 10 to stay popular then they might want to check for the errors that users are facing and rectify them soon.


Customer Satisfaction

The number of people installing Windows 10 just keeps increasing and although most users are happy with the installation, here’s what users need to watch out for. Firstly, Windows 10 is different from its previous versions, which means users might take a while to get used to it. It could get frustrating too for people who were comfortable with the older versions.

Minor Bugs

The other main issue with Windows 10 is the user’s privacy. While the app might not act like a spy, it looks like Microsoft is all out to collect user data. The settings for this update come as default and it does take a while to figure out how to change them. Overall, the update is great and once the minor bugs are sorted out, Windows 10 looks like a great operating system for users to work on. We sure hope Microsoft stays in the game with this launch and does its best to keep Windows 10 running smoothly.

Installation Process

Like all technology updates, Microsoft has out a lot of thought into the tweaks for Windows 10. They have obviously changed the interface along with a very interactive user experience. When Windows 10 first runs on your computer, you feel like a person is speaking to you through your screen. The installation is very simple and each step is explained. Therefore, you do not have to be technically knowledgeable to be able to install this. Microsoft has also gone a step ahead and created something called technology blog to help with installation of Windows 10. This speaks a lot about Microsoft’s commitment to their customers. Microsoft has also taken care of treating each of its customers with special care. Personalized emails and notifications went out to all users, which made it easy for everyone to get the latest version of Windows without having to search for the installation file.


First Experience

As mentioned, the first interaction with Windows 10 is very human-like and interactive. Keeping in mind the need to be ahead of the game, Microsoft also varied the colors for different users, which gave a feeling of personalization. When you see the user interface for the first time, you are a bit lost. The interface has changed a lot. However, after a couple of minutes of browsing, everything was found easily. Microsoft could have added pop-ups introducing first-time users to various sections of the interface. They could have even made a tutorial. The initial phase of browsing is not easy, however once you are past that; you can enjoy the most enhanced version of Microsoft Windows yet.

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings With A Twist

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings With A Twist

Exchanging engagement rings is a tradition followed by millions. This custom first began in Africa and today people of all cast and creed believe in the Engagement Ring.

While traditional engagement rings were simple rings made of metals like gold or silver, new age couples swear to differ. Most couples today opt for stylish, customized rings which come in multi-metal pairs for the bride and groom and are made of platinum or white gold. Many people also prefer yellow gold engagement rings; however, that trend is soon fading.


Engagement Ring metals symbolically correspond to length of marriage. For metals such as:

  • Yellow Gold Engagement Ring equals 50 years of marriage
  • Silver Engagement Ring equals 25 years of marriage
  • Platinum Engagement Ring equals 75 years of marriage
  • White Gold Engagement Ring equals 10 years of marriage

Modern Engagement Rings can also be combined with diamonds or precious stones to enhance its look and feel.

A Promise For A Lifetime

An engagement ceremony is a promise to love your partner and entrust love in each other. The Engagementring symbolizes eternal love for each other and keeps the promise until marriage vows are taken. This is a ring you’ll wear everyday for the rest of your life. Both men and women enjoy style and keep up with the latest trends. Buying an engagement ring that’s matches your style and enhances your overall confidence is something that everyone loves doing.

Getting The Perfect Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring isn’t always easy. Couples often spend days hunting for the perfect engagement ring. This is of course a prequel to all the hustle for wedding preparations. Couples give a lot of importance to engagement ceremonies these days and hence the engagement ring is of prime importance. Online shopping is a great way to find engagement rings at better prices and faster. The best part about buying rings online is that you don’t really need to travel from one place to another looking for the best ring. You can just browse pages and select the rings you like. You can also place your order online and get the rings delivered to your doorstep.

Modern Engagement Rings

Getting custom designed engagement rings has become a trend. A number of couples are designing and selecting rings based on the theme of the wedding. This sets the perfect mood towards preparation for the wedding. While most couples prefer yellow gold engagement rings, there are couples that opt for modern designs and metals such as platinum or white gold engagement rings. Gemstones are a common occurrence on modern engagement rings with diamonds being commonly used for brides. Other gemstones include:

  • Sapphires
  • Emeralds
  • Rubies
  • Colored Diamonds

YAn engagement is incomplete without a ring, so no matter how lavish or simple your engagement plans might be, always remember to get the right ring. Engagement ceremonies get you on your toes and prepare you for the wedding celebrations coming up. Buying your engagement ring online can help you save on time, money and get you the perfect yellow gold engagement ring you’ve always wanted.

How To Pick The Best Scroll Saw

How To Pick The Best Scroll Saw

The market is filled with various kinds of scroll saws, but choosing the best scroll saw is often a tough challenge. While some scroll saws can be perfect for a few people, they might be difficult to handle for the rest. Each scroll saw comes with different features and you need to decide for yourself which one suits your needs best. There are a number of factors you need to take into consideration before investing in a scroll saw. Here are a few tips that will help you pick the best scroll saw for you.


Understand Your Requirement

Every scroll saw is designed differently and comes with different features. You need to consider the main purpose of the scroll saw for you before you buy it. If you’re looking at cutting out simple planks then a basic scroll saw will work perfectly for you, however if you need to focus on minute details or you’re looking to create some sort of artwork on wood, then you need a professional scroll saw to help you complete the task. There are various kinds of scroll saws available in the market. While some of them can perform only the basic functions, the other ones can handle high end jobs. Professional scroll saws are for people who either use the scroll saw on a daily basis or are comfortable enough to use it for their wood artwork.


The speed also varies and choosing a scroll saw that runs very fast is something a beginner needs to avoid. It takes time to figure out how to operate the scroll saw, so if you’re a beginner the best scroll saw for you would be one that does not run too fast. This helps you focus on your task in a better manner and you learn how to use the scroll saw more efficiently.


This is one of the main factors you need to consider while investing in a scroll saw. While some of the scroll saws provide you with a disposal option for the dust, others don’t. If you plan on using your scroll saw in the open, you will find it tough to work with a scroll saw that does not have a disposal option since the dust will keep flying around. Choosing one that has a disposal option is always a better choice since it saves you the effort of having to clean the area.


There is a wide range of choices available when it comes to choosing the best scroll saw for you. It is essential you pay careful attention to the features that these saws have to offer and make your choice based on your needs. There could be a number of scroll saws that are top selling; however it does not mean that these scroll saws are the right ones for you.  In order to pick the best scroll saw, you need to make a list of what you expect from it and match it with the features on offer.

The Best Car Wash Soap Options In The Market

The Best Car Wash Soap Options In The Market

For car owners, cleaning their car is an important part of maintenance. While there are professional car wash services that help you get this done, it is not always feasible to visit these professional washing services since they turn out to be expensive. If you invest in a good car wash soap you can clean your car at home and get a professional look that you always wanted. Here is a list of some of the best car wash soap options available in the market today.


Chemical Guys CWS301 Citrus Concentrated

Chemical Guys is a great citrus fragranced car was soap that enables you to clean your car without damaging the paint on it. This is one of the best car wash soap options available in the market for several reasons. Firstly, this product is biodegradable which means it is eco friendly and does not have any harsh chemicals in it. It manages to leave a glossy finish to your car which you won’t normally find when you wash your car at home. It is a foamy formula and you need to use very little of the product to wash your car. The foam acts as a great lubricant and you don’t need to scrub your car which enables you to protect the paint well. This is a highly concentrated formula and you need to use very little of it so one jar will last you a very long time. It is perfectly created to take off all the dirt, grime and dust that have settled on your car, yet protecting the wax which leaves a glossy look at the end of the wash.

Duragloss 901 Red Car Wash Concentrate

Duragloss happens to be one of the best car wash soap options available in the market today for several reasons. This is the most popular car was soap used by professionals to clean your car, so you can expect the best results when using it. One of the best parts about using this product is that it manages to enhance the shine of your car each time you use it. It does not take off the wax from your car and this helps to protect the paint.

Meguiar’s D11001 Hyper-Wash – 1 Gallon

Meguiar is a top brand when it comes to car care and their car wash soap too is a great formula that helps you get professional car wash results at home. This product effectively takes off all the dirt from your car, yet protects the layer ensuring your car has a glossy shine after each wash. This is a foamy formula, which lasts a long time. You do not need to use too much of the product and small amounts work effectively.


While the competition for products to clean your car is endless, it is essential for you to invest in the best car wash soap that will help to clean your car effectively yet manage to protect the paint and leave your car shiny and glossy at the end of the wash.

The Best Shampoo For Hair Loss Prevention

The Best Shampoo For Hair Loss Prevention

One of the biggest worrying factors for everyone is hair loss. One can lose hair at any stage in life and this could be due to various factors. One of the reasons for hair fall is a hereditary disorder. While you can do nothing to prevent this, there are many ways to reduce the amount of hair you lose. Another cause for hair fall is weakness within the body or not eating properly. This can be tackled by eating well and keeping your scalp healthy. The third and most common reason is dandruff. There are many ways to treat dandruff; however shampooing is the best method. Here is a list of the best shampoo for hair loss available in the market today.

Biotique Bio Green Apple Fresh Daily Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner

This fresh shampoo is blended well with sea algae, green apple extract, and canella. This helps in purifying the scalp and nourishing it to provide a healthy scalp. The shampoo nourishes the scalp with natural proteins and minerals. The shampoo is mild and has a pleasant fragrance. One of the best things to do is massage your scalp with oil 20 minutes before washing it off with this Biotique Bio Shampoo. This makes the hair healthy and soft. The scalp stays nourished and dandruff is washed away almost instantly. This is one of the best shampoo for hair loss.



One of the biggest advantages of choosing a shampoo that nourishes your scalp and reduces hair fall is soft and silky hair. The Biotique Green Apple Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner are apt for daily use and the biggest advantage is that it never dries your scalp. This reduces the chances of dandruff recurring and thereby reducing the amount of hair you lose. The shampoo comes with a balanced pH formula that treats your hair gently and provides the required nourishment. Green apple extracts within the shampoo also reduce the oil content in your scalp and provides the much-needed refreshment to your hair.

Shampoo + Conditioner

The Biotique Bio comes blended with a mixture of shampoo and conditioner. Therefore, the need for buying a separate conditioner is ruled out. Shampoo provides volume to the hair and the conditioner provides the shine. This also helps you get rid of itchy scalp and keeps your scalp dandruff free. Biotique Bio is a blend of Manduk Parni, Chinai Ghas, Shikakai, Badam Tail, Seb, Nariyal Tail, Ayurvedic medicine, and Himalayan water. This makes the shampoo completely organic and free of any chemicals or preservatives.


Continuous Care

Even when you get rid of the hair fall problem, you need to take continuous care of your hair and scalp. The hair fall demon can be back anytime and cause problems all over. Eating healthy and nourishing your scalp are two things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to tackling hair fall. Once you do these two things regularly, you will always have smooth and flowing hair. If you are losing hair then this is the best shampoo for hair loss.

Approaches To Assemble Your Homes For Less Cost And More Adaptability

Approaches To Assemble Your Homes For Less Cost And More Adaptability

Having a permanent home is a dream of all of us. But with the increasing demand and rate of real estates, finding a suitable home which caters both your suitability and budget is not a child’s play at all. To meet these requirements of suitability, budget, and even customization, there is an option of prefabricated home. By this, you could achieve all that you want and that too at an affordable price.

Mobile homes

A mobile home is a pre-assembled structure, worked in an industrial facility on a for all time appended undercarriage before being transported to a site (either by being towed or on a trailer). Utilized as perpetual homes, for occasion or transitory convenience, they are left regularly for all time or semi for all time in one spot, however, can be moved, and might be required to move every once in a while for legitimate reasons.

Manufactured homes have the same notable beginnings as travel trailers, however, today the two are altogether different in size and decorations, with travel trailers being utilized essentially as transitory or summer homes. Behind the restorative work fitted at establishment to shroud the base, there are solid trailer outlines, axles, wheels, and tow-hitches

Modular Homes

Modular homes are sectional pre-assembled structures, or houses, that comprise of various segments called modules. “Particular” is a technique for development varying from different strategies. The modules are six-sided encloses developed an outside office, and then conveyed to their proposed site of utilization. Utilizing arcane, the modules are set onto the building’s establishment and joined together to make a solitary building. The modules can be set one next to the flip side-to-end, or stacked, permitting a wide assortment of arrangements and styles in the building format.

Mobile Vs Modular Homes

Particular structures contrast from fabricated houses in two ways. To start with, measured homes don’t have axles or an edge, implying that they are commonly transported to their site by method for level bed trucks. Furthermore, measured structures must fit in with all nearby construction regulations for their proposed use, while fabricated houses, made are required to fit in with government codes administered by HUD (for the United States) or another suitable body in your nation.


There are quantities of advantages of giving such sort of houses. One of the enormous returns of these ideas is that you will get more adaptability, you will get the homes for less value contrasted with standard ones, and the truths that the development is more environment inviting and could achieve the remote regions gives these kinds of home an edge.


These sorts of structures are discovered generally in nations like the US, UK, and Israel. On the off chance that you wish to have this kind of home for you then you should hunt on the web down the same.


Last words

The courses talked about in this bit of composing are one of the ideal approaches to manufacturing an altered and lasting home according to your need. It is cost proficient and additionally adaptable. However, you have to remember it that there are some legitimate ramifications which you have to follow with.

5 Simple Ways To Get More Youtube Views

5 Simple Ways To Get More Youtube Views

Is YouTube your main platform to gather more number of audience? While most of big business companies definitely use YouTube as a place to market, they are ready to shred the amount how much ever they are supposed to. But this is not a same case when it comes to individual ownership as they would be having limited budget to gain more views. They would surely think as to how to gain more number of viewers. One can surely Read This below ways for their reference:

1) Keeping the Title of the video a suspense one

For instance, if you are a feature vlogger, you can keep the title of the video including the word “read more” if the video is about a PowerPoint presentation. This way viewers land up on your link increasing the number of views of your video.

maxresdefault (1)

2) Sharing links on other social media platform.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter caters huge audience. Today, even a common man sign-up with Facebook in order to connect with people. Once you share your YouTube link with Facebook, most of them are curious to know what is the video all about, eventually ending them to click on the link to watch the video.

3) Asking your friends and family to share the video

WhatsApp is the best platform where you can share the YouTube video links with your family and friends. You can always request them to share the link further with the people in their circle. This way you can grab more viewers.

4) Requesting viewers to subscribe your channel

The moment your viewers subscribe to your YouTube channel, they will be notified if there is any new video uploaded by you, ending up the viewers to land on your video page, eventually increasing view count.


5) Buying YouTube views at a reasonable price

The final way of gaining more views if the above tip didn’t work for you is to buy YouTube views. Several websites are available that offer YouTube views. You can always Google and check which website offers you a reasonable package.

All You Need to Know About Home Recording!

All You Need to Know About Home Recording!

Home recording is sound recording practice in private home than in professional recording studio. Home recording studio set up is called project studio/home studio. In recent years cost of professional audio equipment has been steadily dropping.

Home recording studio essentials for beginners

It is preferred to start off with a simple studio. Listed items are required for beginners. More info and the recommended products for each can be found on Recording Expert.

  • Computer: Try to get the fastest one which can be afforded
  • Studio monitor: These are for mixing. To objectively judge the mix, it provides neutral, uncoloured sound.
  • Headphones: These are of 2 specific designs. One is closed back for tracking & the other one is open back for mixing.


  • Microphone: Shure SM57 can be preferred as it is cheap, versatile & is recognized worldwide as industry standard
  • Audio interface combo: Used to record, edit & mix music on computer. Avid Pro Tools or Presonus Studio One can be used.
  • Few cables: Only 3 cables are needed. For mic one XLR cable & for monitor two cables. For example for mic (Mogami silver XLR 25 ft) & for monitor (Mogami silver XLR 6 ft)
  • Mic stand: All mic stands are not same. For beginner, a cheap & reliable is adequate.

Room acoustic & design

Acoustic treatment is an important aspect when building home studio. Untreated rooms have uneven frequency response. As sound mixers cannot hear accurately what’s being played, the missing decisions made are based on sound that is colored. Sound in the room can be improved by Acoustic panels & bass traps.

Portable recording rooms

Controlling the noise pollution & room reverb at microphone is one of the major drawbacks in producing quality recording. In that way, from the walls the reflection can be reduced. A DIY solution for home studio can be cheaper & more suitable. To make voice overs they are often used. To record guitar, bass vocal booths can be used.

Tips to improve home recording

  • Get a preamp: To get a better source sound, plugging guitar or microphone into preamp is an easy & inexpensive way. It adds volume & warmth to everything that is recorded.
  • Constantly use web as resource: Software programs such as Garage Band are user friendly to learn at basic level. Experiment & develop own base knowledge. After that start experimenting & develop own base and learn specific tasks using the web. Youtube & GearSlutz are best source of information. With respect to recording they provide tutorials & advice on every topic.


  • Invest in condenser microphone: By this, acoustic instruments & light percussion can also be recorded in addition to recording vocals. For example Rode NT1A is a large diaphragm microphone.
  • Invest in mastering software: It is user friendly, effective & inexpensive. Ozone by Izotope can be used as mastering software. Using this may avoid expensive professional engineers.
  • Get decent monitors: Knowing the characteristics of monitor compared to other speakers is the only important thing. Listen to tracks on headphones, stereos & cheap speakers & compare to sound profile of monitor.

Doggy Dan : The Best Online Dog Training Program Cited By Different Online Dog Trainer Reviews

Doggy Dan : The Best Online Dog Training Program Cited By Different Online Dog Trainer Reviews

People who have pets are well aware of the difficulty in looking after them. Most of the times we have dogs as a pet. Feeding it, taking care of it, vaccinating it and training it consumes a lot of our time. In this first paced we have everything by our side except time. To rescue us from this problem there are dog training program available according to our convenience. Instead of providing you with dog trainers, you can get to learn how to train your dog all by yourself. Doggy Dan is a website offering such dog training program. It is a video-based dog training approved by The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). It gives you insights from a professional dog trainer and it is update according to the changing demands of the society. An online dog trainer review must include doggy dan in them. It is the most talked about website in an online dog trainer review article.


Features of the doggy dan website

This online dog training platform comes with a variety of categories of videos to tackle your dog related issues. It has videos showcasing behavioral problems of dogs and how to tackle them. Then, there are videos teaching you the tricks of dog training. One can find 2 separate categories of videos – one for training adult dogs, another for puppies. Thus articulating their needs at different stages of their life. The book section takes you through a tour of things not to be done. The website comes with testimonials from potential customers. Thus giving you an insight into the range of problems and the effectiveness of the videos in solving them.

A meagre fee of 14$ per month will give you access to 250 videos – that’s equal to 20 hours of viewership. You can also watch all videos for a monthly subscription of 37$. The website comes with provision of dog training along with the professional dog trainer. It comes in various packages but the best one seems to be the one-time investment package of 495$. This includes personal training, video viewership, phone or email doggy dan support system etc. It guarantees you of good results. In case of dissatisfaction in the first hour of hiring the consultant, he pardons the fees. Thus, it is client satisfaction oriented. At the end of the consultation you will learn about the behavior pattern of your dog, tips to make him a pack leader, understanding your dog making him your best friend.

Reasons for using Doggy dan

Online dog trainer reviews highlights certain aspects of this website which makes it viable.


The course and regimes are SPCA approved. They provide a thorough understanding of behavioral patterns. It is the sole global international portal for online dog training. The suggested techniques are easy to implement and they bear good results in a short span of time. The website has free trials for you to explore. The programs shown are animal friendly and doesn’t harm your pets. You have the liberty to discontinue the program if you are unsatisfied after 3days. There will be no charge for these 3 days.

Overall, doggy dan is a sustainable online dog training program as articulated by various online dog trainer reviews.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying a Microwave Hutch

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying a Microwave Hutch

When it comes to furniture- They are supposed to be decorative as well as multi functional. Same goes with an efficient microwave hutch or a microwave cart. Practically, a microwave hutch is a specific kitchen furniture which is used to place the microwave in or on the slab notch. Additionally, they can be a great storage furniture with ample space which can be used to store other kitchen items. The design and architecture of a microwave hutch depends upon various factors. Some of them are as follows :-

  • Type and size of the microwave oven

The hutch size depends upon the size of the microwave oven. There are numerous designs available which one can select. Carts with rollers are available which can be used to move it through out the kitchen from place to place. Moreover, bigger ovens of more than 25 litres would  require bigger carts with wider hutch while smaller microwave ovens may fit into compact carts leaving ample amount of storage space for other articles.


  • Hutch style

Most of the microwave hutches are stationary. They are made up of assorted types of wooden materials and fabricated steel. The style of the hutch is solely dependent on the requirements of the consumers. Exclusive materials like oak wood and fabricated steel are used to design some of the most luxurious and antique looking microwave hutches while the economical hutches are made by using contemplated particle boards. Some manufacturers use various hybrid materials like plywood panels and metal-fibre to make some of the best pocket friendly microwave hutches.

Hutches can be accompanied with glass panes as well- To give a classy look to the kitchen. Although, the base material should be enough durable to withstand a considerable rough use in a longer run of time.

Tips for buying a perfect microwave hutch

Along with the accurate measurements and design selection, the desired storage space should be kept in mind while buying a hutch. Surprisingly, a hutch with good storage space like drawers and boxes, can store maximum number of kitchen equipment and appliances.


Before purchasing a microwave hutch, be well versed with kitchen size and the appliances that have been already placed in the kitchen. There are custom hutches available in the market. The consumers can predefine their requirements of the size and design of the hutch. Moreover, is the consumer is planning to buy a bigger model in future, a bigger sized hutch should be considered.

corner-microwave-stand_48514Where to buy the hutch from?

It’s a simple process to buy the most suitable microwave hutch for the kitchen. Most of the furniture stores do have a wide range of collection of microwave carts and hutches in various designs and colours. There are specific companies in the market that manufacture assorted microwave hutches in particular.

Moreover, consumers can buy microwave hutches from online retailers as well. Many global furniture manufacturers offer a huge range of microwave hutches and carts. Consumers can also avail offers and discounts while buying their favourite cart online.